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Hi there! Welcome to the Amanda Carter Photography blog. A journal about my sessions, motherhood, tips & tricks, all my favorite things, and the beauty & joy that is motherhood!

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Family Photos | Rockwall TX | Family Photographer | Beilman Family

Nov 30, 2020

Enoch, sitting on his mom’s hip during family photos in Rockwall… “Enoch! Can you show me your happy face”? He looked at me like that was the worst idea he had ever heard. “Enoch! Can you give mama a kiss”? He, ignored my question and looked eagerly at the weeds he would be rather be running through and playing with.

Mom (Nikki) didn’t skip a beat. “Wanna ride on my back”? …Enoch lit up and flashed the biggest smile behind me to dad. Nikki slid him from her hip to her back effortlessly and laughed, “Just another day at Kroger.”

Family Photos in Rockwall, TX

Ya’ll kids have got to be one of my favorite and hardest things to photograph. They are not afraid to let you know what they think about the session minute by minute. Despite the exchange above I can tell you that Enoch was one of the most fun little guys I’ve photographed yet. He is so full of life with an adventurous heart. He has a BIG personality that he no doubt got from his parents Drew and Nikki.

They met his silly faces with silly faces, and his laughs with laughs. Drew & Nikki knew just what to say and do to get him to light up. They got on Enoch’s level and enjoyed what he enjoyed, pulling weeds, exploring the field, and playing games. Enoch’s parents were patient and filled with joy throughout the entire session. The love was so evident in this family simply by the way they interacted with one another.


Moms, it can be so tempting to want to get our kids to smile and pose perfectly. I mean lets face it, you spent a lot of time coordinating outfits, prepping littles (and husbands haha) for the session, practicing smiles, getting everyone dressed, fed, and out the door, not to mention the financial investment… a lot is riding on the 60 minutes we spend together! My encouragement to you is that the photos you will cherish the most in the years to come are not the perfectly posed ones of everyone smiling at the camera. YES, those are important and we will get that shot for the Christmas Card but those aren’t the ones you will revisit time and time again as your kids get older, go off to college, get married, etc…

The images that will continue to make you smile are the ones that capture your family’s own unique personality and highlight whatever season you are in. These kinds of shots can bring you right back to that moment in time. They are special, they are genuine, and they are real life. Some of my favorites of Nikki & Drew’s session are actually when Enoch is pouting, they made me laugh out loud as I was editing their gallery, thinking back on exactly what transpired to get that face.

Nikki and Drew, your parenting inspires me. I love how you love your little boy. I love how you love each other. What I love the most is that I have had the privilege of getting to know bits and pieces of your story and your marriage. By all accounts your marriage and your family shouldn’t look like this.

But Jesus.

Nikki, thank you for living authentically and inviting others to share in your good days and in your hard days. I quite literally look every day for your Facebook posts because I know I can always count on them for encouragement or a good laugh. 🙂

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