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Hi there! Welcome to the Amanda Carter Photography blog. A journal about my sessions, motherhood, tips & tricks, all my favorite things, and the beauty & joy that is motherhood!

Hi, I'm Amanda!

Harry Meyers Park Family Session | Rockwall TX Photographer | Smith Family

Dec 26, 2020

Our session was scheduled at 3pm. The sky was dark grey and a misty rain was making it a rather gloomy day. While the weather app said at 3pm the sun was supposed to come out, I wasn’t holding my breath. After all, how many times is the weather report ACTUALLY accurate?! Well, like clockwork the sun started peeking out right as we pulled into Harry Meyers Park in Rockwall for our session. We. Had. Sun. And it was gorgeous!

Harry Meyers Park Family Session

What we didn’t account for however, was the mud that didn’t have time to dry up in the 5 minutes of sunshine before our time together. The kids were covered. I was covered. Kristina and Aaron were covered. But you know how they handled it? Kristina and Aaron laughed it off. Together, we made some minor adjustments to little Adalee’s cream, now brown tie-dye looking pants, and changed up our posing to minimize the muds exposure in the photos. What never happened however, not even once, was frustration, impatience, or discontentment over their situation.

The Smith Family session was filled with more joy, smiles, and laughter than any session I’ve had to date. They embraced the mess, the chaos, and the uncertainty of how the photos might turn out and just enjoyed their time together.

This recovering perfectionist learned a lot from their session that day. In fact, I’ve learned a lot from the Smith family over the last 4 years. Their story is one of rebellion, betrayal, heartache, loss and deep deep sorrow. Their story is also one of reconciliation, grace, redemption, new life, and incredible joy. The Smith family is special.

What I love most about this couple is that they use the ugly, the hard, and the beautiful to turn people to Jesus. They are not afraid to share their story, to meet people right where they are at and love them well. Their intentionality as parents, as friends and as children of God convict and encourage me to be the light and choose joy no matter what situation I am in.

Kristina & Aaron. Thank you for your friendship and for being faithful servants of our Abba. Thank you for inviting us in 4 years ago, to your family and to your heart. We are forever grateful for the time we got to do life together at Reach.

Goodness, Faithfulness, & Joy

My favorite images from their session were from the in-between moments. Aaron running around with his arms out like an airplane with Levi, Adalee and Levi dancing to some ridiculously fantastic song playing from Kristina’s phone. Aaron spinning Levi around in a circle while Kristina simultaneously tossed Adalee up into the air, and the way Levi wanted to be just like his daddy the entire time.

The photo that struck me the most however, was when the sun snuck into my lens giving a rather ethereal image of Kristina and her rainbow baby Levi sword fighting with sticks. I couldn’t help but picture Ruthie there, playing alongside them as a family of 5. I never got to meet Ruthie Grace, who was born straight into the arms of Jesus 5 years ago, but the love of the Father who makes all things new and redeems even the most helpless and otherwise hopeless situations was there that day with sweet Ruthie by his side. His goodness and faithfulness is evident in each and every photo.

Family, Infertility & Loss, Outdoor Sessions

  1. Patricia says:

    How heartwarming and soulful! The love pours out from each of you like the surprise of the sun peeking out of the clouds after a much- needed rain!

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