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Extended Family Session- Lumen Room Dallas

Apr 5, 2021

Extended Family Session. I gifted one to my mom and dad this year for Christmas. I truly can’t think of a better way to say “I love you” then gifting them a family session with the people they love most… Especially given that time flies so quickly, it feels like you blink and your children and grandchildren are grown.

Well great minds….

Lindsey had actually given her parents and her husbands parents an extended family session for Christmas too and she wanted me to take them!

Lindsey and I quickly bonded through Facebook messenger over our love for photography, Lumen Room spaces and golden retrievers.  Their session took place at Lumen Room Dallas in their lifestyle studio and it has got to be one of my favorite places to shoot. Well, any Lumen Room honestly. They do such a beautiful job curating their spaces to be perfect for natural light photographers. In fact, my husband even lovingly refers to my in home studio as my own little “Lumen Room”.

I didn’t think I could look forward to our shoot more than I already was but, the night before, she emailed me a detailed list of family members that would be attending and her 9 month old golden retriever puppy Rocket (HOW cute is that name though?!) was on the list!

Y’all, I seriously almost peed my pants I was so excited. Dogs certainly add a level of complexity to shoots but the cuteness level they add is 100% worth it!

Lindsey’s session ended up being SO FUN. Trying to get that many people and family groups photographed in an hour was nothing short of organized chaos but the Mann family were rockstars. Lindsey’s vision and plan for the session made it run so smoothly! …Did I mention she is a photographer too?! Even though she was the client this time around, she made it a priority that I had everything I needed and she looked gorgeous doing it. I mean seriously though… In the picture of her holding her 3 year old daughter Ellie that you will see below, she looks like a cross between an angel and a supermodel. Obsessed.

I hope you guys cherish these images of your sweet family! I’m in complete agreement that we may need to make this an annual thing 🙂

Hugs! xx

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Family Session with Dogs

Are you on the fence about scheduling an extended family session AND bringing your pups along?! Check out the Stokes Extended Family Session here as proof dogs make every session better.  Spoiler Alert: I got 7 people & THREE dogs to smile for a picture, no photoshop required… if that doesn’t convince you your pups should come along for the pictures, I don’t know what will! 🙂


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