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High School Senior Pictures- Cade Stonehouse

Apr 6, 2021

High School Senior pictures are a BIG deal! In fact, I still remember taking mine 15 years ago!

It was a bit of a scandal at my house actually. You see, the Lord did not see it fit to give me much to work with in the chest area. I never so much as graduated from an A cup size growing up. But that didn’t stop my conservative Christian mother from having the photographer photoshop out what little “cleavage” I did have in my favorite picture from my session. (Which lets be real, was the exact reason I liked the photo so much in the first place!). That very obvious and poorly photoshopped picture hung on my parents walls for the better part of 10 years! It was finally replaced by a wedding portrait of my husband and I and I’m happy to say she let the picture get hung on her wall as-is.  😉

Being a professional photographer now myself and a mom, this story makes me laugh even more then it used to… probably because it is totally something I would do to a picture of my daughter.

…don’t go getting any ideas for Claire’s High School Senior pictures in a few years Nicole! 🙂

Ya’ll Nicole’s oldest son Cade just turned 18 and is graduating from homeschool this year! While I don’t usually like to pick favorites…. I’m just going to say it. Cade Stonehouse is officially my favorite 2021 senior of all time.

Between his dry sense of humor, strong dislike of flying insects and his 100% commitment level to the “look at that tree and laugh” pose… He had his mom and I rolling. Cade was SUCH a good sport and took joy in making his mom smile.

Nicole, you have raised one incredible young man. Although our time together was brief, there is no doubt in my mind he will grow up to do great things! Thank you for the privilege of taking these special milestone pictures for your son!

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