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Hi there! Welcome to the Amanda Carter Photography blog. A journal about my sessions, motherhood, tips & tricks, all my favorite things, and the beauty & joy that is motherhood!

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Texas Bluebonnets | Irving Texas Photographer | The Johnson Girls

Apr 13, 2021

Texas Bluebonnets, the Lone Star State’s pride and joy all wrapped up in one little flower.  Truth be told, I have lived in Texas for the better part of 10 years and I have never so much as looked at a Bluebonnet. I blame Facebook. You see every year in March a video circulates of two rattlesnakes fighting in a field of these iconic blue blooms. That video has successfully deterred me from stepping foot in a bluebonnet field for over a decade.

Snakes in Texas Bluebonnets

….Did you read that caption?! It means there were not two but at least THREE rattlesnakes in that field! Can you blame me for steering clear all these years?!

Well, I have BIG NEWS….

When I was contacted a few weeks ago about photographing a session in the Texas Bluebonnets I made the decision to put on my big girl pants, and see what all the hype was about.

Ya’ll I get it now. Bluebonnets are SO pretty and they smell SO GOOD!

Sara had photographs of her girls taken in the Bluebonnets when they were itty bitty. For almost 7 years those images hung on her wall. In fact, she loved them so much that she didn’t ever get them done again. She said her photographer had already won the Bluebonnet photo contest and she didn’t see the point of replacing the ones she already had.


It’s safe to say Tinsley (8) & Phoebe (6) who are about to celebrate a birthday have changed a LOT over the past 7 years. Sara’s mama heart was finally ready for updated pictures in the Texas Bluebonnets. When she reached out to have ME photograph the girls (since her beloved photographer had moved) the pressure was on!

When I tell you that Sara was the funniest person I had never met I mean it. Every message exchange I had with this momma had me rolling. Sara felt like an instant friend and we had never even talked on the phone!

She scouted out the most gorgeous field in Irving and we had it all to ourselves (on a Saturday, in peak season mind you!). Sara showed up with the wagon equivalent of Mary Poppin’s bag. She had a full assortment of hair bows, a travel power bank, a hair straightener, bug spray, water bottles, 2 rocking chairs, and the list goes on. She was the BEST session mom.  I really wish I could have her at every photoshoot! The girls wanted for nothing in that “hour of power” and we have incredible pictures to show for it!

Sara I sincerely hope you LOVE your images as much as I do. Your girls are absolutely beautiful inside and out. What a joy it was to photograph your family.

In other news: there were no rattlesnakes in these blooms (that I saw). THANK. YOU. JESUS.

Todays story of bravery brought to you by Amanda Carter Photography 🙂

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