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A story of...

Austin Maternity Session | 360 Overlook | Texas Maternity Photographer | Bowland Family

August 11, 2018. Taylor was doting on their newest edition Mali, an incredibly cute black lab, as we enjoyed a little girl talk on the patio of an Austin lake house. This was my first time meeting her beloved Rease and I instantly knew why he was the one. Rease is funny, incredibly kind and a talented wakeboarder (I mean what girl can resist that, am I right?!) Taylor told me all about their new house and of their plans to spend the rest of their lives together. There was just ONE thing missing. THE RING! Although Taylor was eager to have some new bling on her left hand, she was trying to play it cool until Rease popped the question.  Who knew that just one year later I would be shooting their Austin Maternity Session. Much to my delight (and hers), two months later they were officially engaged and just 6 months after that, they were married on April 12th, 2019.

We’re Pregnant!

April 12th will forever be a special day to me because it was the day I was due to have my first baby! If you do the math I was very newly pregnant during our time together at the Austin lake house. In fact, I had just officially found out I was pregnant the day before. My sense of smell was super sensitive, I was feeling weird things and on top of that, due to infertility, I thought this day might never come. Excitement was high. As Taylor gushed about her new puppy and engagement plans with Rease, I shared about what it’s like to be expecting. This inspired her to dream off into pregnancy land herself. What would baby Bowland look like? Am I a boy mom or a girl mom? Meh maybe being a dog mom is fine for now. But a baby…

Austin Maternity Session at the 360 Overlook

It has been almost 2 years to the date since I last saw them at the lake house. As I looked through my viewfinder it was surreal to see not only Taylor and Rease as Husband and Wife but as MOM and DAD.

They were still just as smitten as they were 2 years earlier. In fact, Rease was our own personal cheerleader throughout the entire session. He had a way of drawing out smiles and laughs from Tay that only he can. He kept wanting to see the back of the camera at pictures of his wife, making sure to let her know how beautiful she looked.

My favorite moment was at the beginning of the session. They had just been posed with both of their hands on Tays belly and baby Bowland gave them a little kick. They both lit up and giggled. Baby boy was letting them know he was ready for his close up.

Taylor and Rease. These 9 months will be filled with memories you will never forget. From the moment of “is this real? Are we really going to have a baby?” to “is this real? We have a baby?” (…and they are just going to let us walk out of the hospital with it? …ok maybe that was just us ) and everything in between. I simply cannot wait for you to hold baby BOY Bowland in your arms. There is nothing more beautiful than looking into your babies’ eyes after waiting 9 long (and not always pleasant) months to meet them.

It is my prayer that these images will serve as a sweet reminder of making the transition from a family of 2 into a family of 3 and beyond. You guys were made for this. Being Mom & Dad looks good on you.

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