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Get Expert Support for Your Birth with Baylor Labor and Delivery!

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a monumental event for parents. At Baylor Labor and Delivery in Dallas, families can rest assured that they will receive the best personalized, evidence-based, technologically-advanced medical care. From gorgeous birthing suites to various services and amenities during postpartum recovery, Baylor Labor and Delivery is an excellent choice for families in the Dallas area. 

About Baylor Labor and Delivery

3600 Junius Street

Dallas, TX 75246

Baylor University Medical Center’s Labor and Delivery ward is one of the best places in Dallas to have a baby. Moms and dads can expect the best in obstetrical services at Baylor Labor and Delivery. They offer a warm, relaxing atmosphere that feels like home, allowing parents to have a birthing experience they’ll cherish forever. 

Their specialized medical team aims to support and empower families, acknowledging their unique needs during this unforgettable moment. Baylor University Medical Center owns the highest possible rating for Best Hospitals

A mother to be leans back into her husband for a kiss in a field baylor labor and delivery for Maternity by US News and World Report. At this hospital, care is always patient-focused and welcoming to all families. 


At Baylor Labor and Delivery, they recognize each birth experience as a unique, memorable event. The birthing center provides concierge services and beautiful amenities to patients and their families. Their offerings include pain management and support for all birth plans.

The New Family Center was designed to create a calm, relaxing environment and features private rooms with hardwood floors and a daybed for the support person. Hotel-style amenities like refrigerators, towel warmers, and hair dryers are included in every postpartum recovery room, mimicking the comforts of home. 

Babies can stay with their moms in this family unit, promoting education and confidence in new moms and open communication between nurses and mothers. The birthing center’s spacious delivery rooms allow space for partners, birth coaches, and doulas during labor and delivery. Each postpartum room contains accommodations for a support person to stay overnight. Rooms also feature private bathrooms, showers, soothing colors and ambient lighting, televisions, wireless Internet, snacks, visiting hours, a family lounge, upgraded amenities through Simply Moms Boutique, and comprehensive discharge planning. 

Baylor Labor and Delivery also features a NICU and access to lactation consultants to support a healthy start to breastfeeding. 

A mother to be and father look down and place hands on the bump


For women experiencing high-risk pregnancies or newborns that require critical care, Baylor Labor and Delivery offers maternal-fetal medicine services to provide testing, support, and treatments to help better manage riskier pregnancies and deliveries. Transport teams are ready to use appropriate means of transport for safe patient trips. The hospital’s Level IV NICU provides many services, including advanced life-support services and technologies for premature or seriously ill newborns. 

Baylor Labor and Delivery

For families in the Dallas area, Baylor Labor and Delivery is an excellent place to give birth. Welcoming a new baby into the world is a significant life event for parents. With comfortable birthing suites, various amenities and services, and family-focused care, this hospital is an excellent choice for families bringing their new babies into the world. 

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