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4 Amazing Dallas Au Pair Agencies to Find Help For Your Home

Childcare these days can be a bit of a mess. A lot of the daycares are currently facing staffing shortages and simply don’t have the space for new students. Because of this, nannies are in high demand, which means they can also be hard to find. While this might be a modern problem, there’s a traditional solution you might not have considered. Au pairs are helpers from across the globe who are currently in the United States for college. There are agencies that will help you find the perfect student you can host and pay a stipend. In return, they will help with childcare and housework while providing your family with an invaluable cultural experience. If you’ve thought about hosting a student, I would love to tell you about several agencies where you can find a Dallas au pair.

4 Agencies To Pair You With The Perfect Caretaker For Your Family

A mom and dad sit on a bed in a studio smiling down at their sleeping newborn baby in mom's lap

Cultural Care Au Pair

Cultural Care Au Pair is the largest au pair agency in the nation, and they serve Dallas. The center offers au pairs between the ages of 18 and 26. All the candidates have previous childcare experiences and have completed a multi-step screening process as well as extensive training. To be matched, you will first register online and make a family profile. You will get au pairs you can interview before you make your selection. Before your au pair arrives, you will get to chat with them. The agency has a personal support team that will work with you throughout your host year to check on your experience. 

Agent Au Pair

Agent Au Pair has over 150 available au pairs that come from over 50 countries. Since 2003, the agency has been matching families with their ideal candidate. While they offer standard au pairs, the agency gives you a choice to select a pro au pair who has a 4-year degree in a child-related field as well as over 2,500 hours of childcare experience. All candidates have been thoroughly screened. 

A newborn baby sleeps on its stomach on a white pad in a studio after meeting a Dallas Au Pair

Go Au Pair

Go Au Pair Dallas is an agency that has spent over 30 years matching families with au pairs. The center allows you to register for free and tell them all your requirements. All the candidates have been thoroughly screened, and you will get the chance to interview them prior to making your offer. The agency works hard to make sure the experience is deeply enriching for both your family and your au pair. 


Since opening over 30 years ago, EurAupair has matched thousands of families with au pairs from across the globe. The agency will continuously check on your family throughout your placement so they can ensure both you and the au pair are fully benefiting from the experience. The au pairs will also have monthly meet-ups so they can get continuous support. All au pairs are carefully screened and tested before the matching process.  

A happy mother in a white dress stands in a studio holding her newborn baby in front of her after meeting a Dallas Au Pair

You And Your Children Will Love Growing And Learning With an Au Pair!

By hosting a Dallas au pair, you can have flexible help that works for your schedule while providing you with an unforgettable experience! Check out these agencies today so you can be matched. 

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