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A story of...

Fall Family Session | Arbor Hills | Plano TX Photographer | Helbing Family

A Fall Family Session of Loss, Infertility & Hope.

“I’ve had miscarriage after miscarriage”
“I’ve done IVF multiple times and I still don’t have a baby”
“I was told by my doctor that due to tube issues I would never have a child naturally”
“We’ve tried and tried but I’ve yet to see two pink lines on a pregnancy test”
“My last pregnancy was ectopic which meant I had to terminate my baby”
“My heart knew our family wasn’t complete and I desired more children but even though I got pregnant easily the first time, I can’t get pregnant and stay pregnant again”
“I gave birth to my baby but they had already gone to be with Jesus in Heaven”
“I was pregnant with twins but only one of them was born on this side of Heaven”

These are only some of the stories shared in the group where Jamie and I met. Out of a place of complete brokenness and despair we were connected with woman like ourselves who knew the longing and pain of desiring and losing babies.


While each of our stories were different we were all united by the need to grieve, be encouraged, and reminded of truth. Our time at Shiloh was spent exploring the following truths through key verses in the bible:

  1. God understands and cares. (2 Cor 1:3-4, John 11:33-36)
  2. God is in control, He is not limited. He is not overwhelmed. (Job 42:2, Ps 138, Eph 3:20-21)
  3. God has a good and perfect purpose for me this month, even today. (Phil 1:21, 22, Gen 50:20, 2 Cron 16:9)
  4. I am not alone. (Deut 31:18, Testimonies of Joseph, Ruth, Hannah, Job, Elizabeth, Paul, Abraham, & Mary in the bible)
  5. I can love others knowing God is working out His wonderful plan for me. (John 21:22, Rom 12:15, Col 3:12-13)
  6. My peace comes from resting in His Promises, His Goodness, and His Sovereignty. (Jer 29:11, Job 23:10-12, Is 26:3, Luke 1:38)

Fall Family Session

Having the opportunity to do a family session with Jamie, her husband Kyle and their precious Harper brought me back to the overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy each of us felt the first time we held our miracle baby. In fact, Jamie and I were in the hospital at the exact. same. time. giving birth!

Taking photos of this family of 3 and thinking about how different my life would be without my little 18 month old Hunter also reminded me of the agonizing season of longing and loss we walked through together.

You see Jamie and I were two of three women in our Shiloh small group who went through the IVF process together. The three of us had plans of all being pregnant together, giving birth together and having play dates together. While that may be Jamie and I’s story, our friend had a different outcome. I wish I could say her experience with failed IVF cycles, chemical pregnancies, and miscarriage was rare but I’m sad to say her story is one many woman across the world share in.

But Jesus.

Because of Jesus we do not grieve like others who have no hope. (1 Thes 4:13) Because of Jesus we have the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding. (Phil 4:7).

Jesus is GOOD ya’ll. No matter the outcome. His plan for our life is so much better than ours! I am grateful that as believers we have a community around us that can continue to turn us back to truth when the lies of the enemy creep in and say “I’m not good enough to be a mom” “I must be being punished for _________” “I’m broken” “I don’t deserve a baby” …and on and on and on…

Jamie, thank you for allowing me to share a glimpse into your story. It is my sincere hope that you cherish these images of your beautiful family for years to come. I am so thankful for our friendship.

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Are you experiencing infertility and/or loss? I would encourage you to check out the Shiloh ministry started by Watermark Community Church! Churches across the world are offering Shiloh for any woman who is a member of this club that no one wants to be in.  I highly recommend it to anyone in this season of life!

If you don’t know my Jesus, gosh I would love to tell you about him! It would be a privilege to share more of my story in order to encourage and walk alongside you in yours. Feel free to email me at so we can connect!

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