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Dallas Midwives to Guide You Through Your Pregnancy Journey

You can read all the pregnancy books in the world. But nothing can prepare you for the actual experience. All of a sudden, your body is changing and transforming in ways you didn’t even realize were possible. Should your stomach really be chilling on top of your bladder like that? Are you ever going to be able to fit in regular shoes again? This is why midwives are such a huge blessing. Unlike most traditional OBs, midwives are able to limit how many clients they take on each month, allowing them to devote more attention to answering all the important, uncomfortable, or even just plain weird questions. Plus, midwives give you unlimited access, so you can call them up 24/7 with any concerns. If you’ve been looking at Dallas midwives for your pregnancy, I’d love to tell you about some of my favorites in the city! 

Three Dallas Midwives To Guide Your Pregnancy Journey Through Birth

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Origins Birth Center

Origins Birth Center is a homelike atmosphere here for your prenatal needs as well as your delivery. The center opened in 2013 by midwives Gina Thomson and Kaitlyn Wages. The two women wanted to empower families in the midst of planning their deliveries. Origins Birth Center is equipped with a variety of midwives to help with every aspect of pregnancy. Through the center, you’ll be able to find a professional that will be a perfect match for your family. Origins also offers preconception services, well-woman visits, extended postpartum care, and an IV infusion bar.

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Midwife+Co is a midwife collective that works with a variety of different hospitals and healthcare centers to provide parents with the options they need for their deliveries. The center has cozy offices across the Dallas and Fort Worth area where you can work with a midwife who will be there for your every need. You can choose to deliver through several Dallas hospitals or The Fort Worth Birthing & Wellness Center. Your midwife will make sure you have all the tools you need for the birth experience of your choice! 

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Lovers Lane Birth Center

Lovers Lane Birth Center was started by midwife Krystal Brown as a way to keep families both informed and involved in the process of planning their births. Krystal is joined by fellow midwife, Dinah Waranch, to provide families with unparalleled care. This intimate practice gives you the chance to deliver within the cozy birth center. With the two experienced midwives, you’ll be able to navigate pregnancy and have an unforgettable out-of-hospital delivery! 

Dallas Midwives

Pregnancy is quite a journey that always leaves you guessing. If you want a healthcare provider who will sit with you and make sure you feel fully prepared for labor and delivery, you’re going to adore these Dallas midwives. With compassionate professionals equipped to answer all your questions, you’ll be ready for anything pregnancy throws at you. 

As a motherhood photographer, I love getting to be there for my clients. Whether I’m providing them with recommendations such as this one or taking photos I know they’ll treasure for years to come. I know how quickly those early years fly by, and I want to help you savor every moment. If you’ve been considering scheduling newborn photos, I would love to connect! Contact me today to find out more!