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Lifestyle Family Session | Studio | Rockwall TX Photographer | The Milligan Family

I have hosted many many babies in my new studio but this was my first lifestyle family session.  Let’s just say it was one for the books!  Nolan (2) was a little guy after my own heart.  Once he heard (and I mean literally HEARD… those puppy barks are no joke!), that we had dogs, all he wanted to do the entire session was go play with them.  I feel that in my soul buddy, every. single. day.  (gimme all the dogs!)

Lifestyle Family Session

My husband was an angel and brought Bazinga and Penelope outside in our backyard, just so Nolan could see them play from my studio windows and he was elated. Between the promise of puppy pets at the end of the session, fruit snacks (mom hack) and the funnest dad there ever was, we got so many sweet sweet smiles from this busy toddler.

While we’re on the topic of smiles, I have never had a baby smile as much as baby Grace.  I want to tell you it’s because I am some sort of magic baby whisperer (because I kind of like to think I am), but this was all her.  Her smiling is contagious because I literally could not stop smiling the entire time I edited this beautiful family’s gallery. Capturing organic, fun, joyful memories has been the foundation I’ve built my business on since day 1 and this session embodied all of that and more.

Jenn & Robert what a sweet parenting team you make.

I loved having the privilege of capturing the personality of each of your kiddos in this fleeting season. In my experience, toddler years hold some of the sweetest moments, but also some of the most challenging as they become more independent and headstrong.  Watching the two of you and your patience and grace with Nolan during your lifestyle family session left me so encouraged. Speaking of Grace, the joy both of you took  in your sweet girl’s vivacious personality during our session was simply the best.  I like every blog post to tell a story and I believe wholeheartedly that yours tells a story of love and laughter.

I sincerely hope your love your images as much as I do (which is a lot!)

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