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A story of...

Lifestyle Twin Newborn Photos | In Home | Rockwall TX Photographer | Simmons Family

Lifestyle Twin Newborn Photos in Rockwall, TX. 

My Pregnancy & “The Pencil”

I was 12 weeks pregnant and Emilee was dangling a carefully threaded needle into the eraser of an extra sharp pencil above my wrist. I held my breath as I waited for the pencil to begin to move on its own.

It started swaying up and down.

“You are having a boy!” Emilee exclaimed.  The pencil came to a stop and then began to make a circle, “next time it will be a Girl!”

It stopped again and then went up and down once more. “Another Boy!” she squealed.

One last time it came to a halt and then went in a circle for the second time. “And another Girl!”

After that the pencil stopped and did not start moving again.

Emilee lowered her hand and said: “Ok its official, your baby is a boy! (AND I DID HAVE A BOY!) After that you will have a girl and then another boy and then another girl!

Now let’s try it on Travis (my husband) to see if they match! …they did… with the exception of what the pencil did first. My husband had a daughter before him and I were married so naturally, the pencil went in a circle first representing a girl (his daughter) and then the same boy, girl, boy, girl pattern was made representing the children we would have together.

Whew! The pencil says my husband and I stay together through 4 children. Amen. Haha

Simmons Family & “The Pencil”

Emilee proceeded to tell me that her and her husband Andrew have always gotten the same results for the years and years they have done this “pencil trick” (an old wives tale passed down from Andrew’s mother who swears by its accuracy!)

I now possessed the pencil and held it above Emilee’s wrist.  Without fail it swayed up and down to represent a boy (their son Case), stopped, made a circle to represent a girl and then did not move again.

According to the pencil Emilee was to have a son and then a daughter and be done. (when I tested it on Andrew it reflected the exact same pattern)

So, you can imagine my surprise when I found out that Emilee and Andrew were NOT expecting a baby girl as the pencil had predicted… but TWIN BOYS!

…Well Em & Andrew, I think its officially time to retire the “pencil trick” 😉

Lifestyle Twin Newborn Photos – The Details

Tate and Hayes Simmons were born at 30 weeks +6 days on their daddy’s 30th birthday! (it’s going to be hard to top that birthday gift next year Em!)

Emilee had some unexpected complications which led to an emergency delivery. After hearing her birth story, I am praising God for the safety and health of both the boys AND Emilee.

The boys spent 40 (Tate) & 41 (Hayes) days in the NICU. They were released on October 30th and got to celebrate Halloween together at HOME! (Case was the cutest lil firefighter ya’ll)

Emilee & Andrew what an absolute privilege it was to get to spend time with you as a family of FIVE. Tate and Hayes are such a testament to Gods plans being bigger and better than ours! (or the pencils)  🙂 

Love you guys!

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  1. Emilee says:

    I have never seen anything more beautiful! I’m sitting here in tears at the beauty of these and how wonderful His plan is you us! Love you!!

  2. Tami says:

    What a beautiful story through pictures. Amanda, these pictures capture pure love and so much joy. What a gift you have and what a gift God blessed us with when He gave us Tate & Hayes as the perfect pair of brothers to our amazing Case! We are all truly blessed by this family. Thank you for capturing these moments of this precious family. They are amazing.

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