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Maternity Photos | Studio | Plano TX Photographer | Kylie Butler

Maternity Photos – Kylie Butler

Picture this:

I started my photography journey knowing zero other local photographers. If I had a question, google and my Facebook photography education groups were my only friends. I prayed and prayed for a community of like minded photographer friends since launching my business in June of last year.

Community starts with one ya’ll.

Enter Kylie Butler.

Kylie started her photography business at the exact same time as I did. She also has a two year old son (Caden) who basically shares a birthday with my son Hunter (give or take a couple weeks), she lives 5 minutes up the road AND we go to the same church. When I shared that I was focusing my business on wedding photography she even referred me one of my very first weddings!

Kylie told me in October she was pregnant and then what do you know, in January of this year the Lord made it clear he was calling me to focus my business on pregnant mamas, newborns and families. Not only did he give me a photography friend but he gave me a pregnant photography friend before I even know that’s where my business was headed!


As soon as I shared the news of the new direction of my business and opened my in-home studio, she graciously volunteered her baby bump. Taking her maternity photos helped me know I was exactly where God wanted me and I have stunning images to prove it.

I couldn’t imagine being on this journey without a friend like Kylie. She is someone I can bounce ideas off of, someone I can vent to, someone who supports me in growing my skills and building a purposeful, profitable business. If you don’t have a Kylie I would encourage you to pray for one. Pray specifically, pray continually. The Lord will always show up in His timing with an answer, and 100% of the time even if the answer looks different than you wanted or expected, it will be even better. He sees the big picture. He knows what we don’t. God ALWAYS has our best interests in mind and is only capable of giving good gifts to his children.

The Lord continues to slowly put more and more like minded women photographers in my life. I cherish my relationship with each and every one of them. Making friends takes work, especially as an adult but it’s worth it. We weren’t meant to run this race in isolation!

Need a photography friend? I’m your girl! Let’s connect!

Need a branding photographer? Kylie is your girl! Check her out here: Focused Creative Photography

Want to book a studio maternity session with me?! Head here to book!

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