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Studio Newborn Photos 

Excitement was high when I saw an unfamiliar car pull up to our home Tuesday afternoon. I went out to welcome Courtney & Charlie and their newest edition baby Luke as they were unpacking their SUV for their newborn photos. Much to my surprise, I saw the box taking up half of their trunk get pulled out and brought in with them. I was curious. What on earth could be in that giant container?

Well friends, what was in the box was the best looking cowboy hat I had EVER seen. Once I saw it, I understood why it deserved its own box. This thing was magnificent.

“Hey could we take a picture of Luke in this?” asked Luke’s dad, Charlie.

“Ummmm YES.” I answered instantly and without hesitation.

Now people, full disclosure I am not a posed newborn photographer who uses props. I however have incredible respect for posed newborn photography (its harder than it looks!). So much respect in fact, that I normally leave the props to those individuals who are experts at it. BUT I just couldn’t say no to photographing sweet Luke in this majestic western accessory.

I should have said no to posed newborn photos in the hat. And I think dad would agree.


I thought Luke would look so precious in his birthday suit snuggled inside the hat so when I got the OK from dad we carefully stuffed a towel and a soft swaddle in the hat to lay Luke on his tummy right on top. Luke let us know he did not enjoy laying on the hat like we had hoped and I had to go to plan B. I repositioned baby on his back/side inside the hat facing me instead. Right as I set Luke in and he’s getting cozy I see this incredible cowboy hat start to fill with a yellow liquid. The moment between Luke relieving himself in the hat, having to break the news to dad and then removing him from the hat seemed to move in slow motion.

Under my watch their sweet, innocent, perfect little nugget tinkled in what was likely a very prized (and expensive) possession of his dads.

Oy vey. Thank you for not walking out of our session right then and there. You both deserve a medal for keeping your cool.

Courtney & Charlie ya’ll are amazing. There is nothing I love more than getting to know friends of past clients. Referrals are really just the best. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for driving almost an hour to come see me, trusting me with your sweet boy and allowing me to capture memories of the two of you with this precious life you created.

I sincerely hope you love your newborn photos as much as I do!

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