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Newborn Photos | Studio | Richardson TX Photographer | The Flowers Family

I have a slight obsession with photographing flowers.  They are right up there with babies, pregnant mamas, and dogs.  I got my hands on the most gorgeous peonies last weekend and I must have spent almost an hour in my studio photographing them.  As beautiful as those pink blooms were they had nothing on the Flowers I would have in my studio just one week later.  Meet Jeremy, Kailey and Baby Jack FLOWERS!  How cool is that last name?! We were obviously meant to be. Getting to take Jack’s newborn photos was such a sweet surprise in my week.  Kailey reached out last minute due to her original photographer getting sick.  I had recently photographed their friends newborn and as fate would have it I had one last minute spot available the very next day!

Studio Newborn Photos

Their precious boy was only 6 days old for his session but his Houdini skills were already top notch. After Jack expertly wiggled his arms free, I snapped a few cute shots before stepping up my swaddle game.  While swaddling him for a second time, baby Jack and I bonded over our mutual love for naps, dislike of mosquitos, and how cool his parents are.

Kailey and Jeremy were so incredibly sweet.  I absolutely loved watching them dote over their baby boy.  Jack gave us the sweetest smile in mama’s arms and we were so excited I caught it on camera!

Kailey shares:

“As I was preparing for labor I watched and read a million birth stories. I learned that no story is alike but all end with such a precious gift. Leaving our home and realizing the next time we step through our front door, we would have a baby was so exciting and surreal.  I was induced at 38 weeks and 5 days due to the possibility of baby boy being on the larger side. We started pitocin at 5 AM and within 30 minutes contractions began. After laboring for 4 hours and being 3 cm, the doctor had decided to come and break my water. After waiting an hour for the doctor to arrive, my water surprisingly broke on its own. Within minutes my contractions intensified and I knew I wanted an epidural.

After receiving the epidural, I went from 5 cm to 10 cm in an hour and a half. Everyone was so shocked considering the nurses all thought I’d be giving birth at 7:00 that night instead of 1:00. After 10 pushes, our sweet baby boy Jack was here. He came out with head full of hair, wide eyed, and barley even cried. Soon after delivery, I began bleeding which then turned into a a 1.5 liter hemorrhage. I just remember my husband and I praying to God that everything would be okay.  The doctor and nurses were able to get everything under control after an hour. I can not thank those doctors or nurses enough for delivering my baby and for saving me.”

God is just so good ya’ll.

Kailey, I am so thankful for modern medicine and the doctors and nurses who helped ensure Jack got to have his mama around for his birthday and beyond! I truly never get tired of hearing birth stories and was thrilled that you not only shared it with me during our session but that you shared it again for my blog! I just love getting a glimpse into a mamas unique story of bringing new life into the world. Kailey, your beautiful (and even a little scary) story is no exception!  It was such a joy getting to meet the three of you.  I sincerely hope I have the privilege of photographing your sweet family again! Enjoy your newborn photos ya’ll!

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