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Rainbow Baby Maternity Session | Memorial Park Houston | Texas Photographer | Levy Family

The Levy Family’s Journey to Their Rainbow Baby Maternity Session…

You know those friends you can pick up right where you left off even if you haven’t seen them in forever? That is Melanie for me. I saw her familiar name pop up on my phone during my layover back home to Dallas and picked up the call. I had just finished the last of 5 back to back flights in less than a month for work to prepare for maternity leave. I was well into my 3rd trimester and my [boy] baby bump was the size of a beach ball and had people sincerely questioning if I was going to go into labor on their flight.

If you have ever been through LaGuardia airport midweek you know it gets so busy with business travelers, there is hardly an open chair in the place. Well in February of 2019 at 35 weeks pregnant, I was one of them. On the floor belly in hand in the middle of terminal D. Sobbing. Not because of how nauseous I was feeling from my previous leg but because this call wasn’t our normal catch up session.


You see Melanie called to tell me she was finally pregnant but in that same breath shared that she had lost the baby. In fact, they had seen the heartbeat on the ultrasound the very same day she miscarried. This uncontrollable wave of grief washed over me and I cried. Hard. With my friend. My friend who like me has walked the path of infertility. My friend who endured so much to get that positive pregnancy test. My heart is heavy as I write this because I remember the moment so vividly. I was completely broken for my friend and fearful at the thought of losing my own baby.

Memorial Park Houston Rainbow Baby Maternity Session

A little over one year later, Melanie and Josh got the best surprise. They. Were. Pregnant. I was honored they chose me to photograph their maternity session. It was so fun to sit in their living room catching up and reflecting on 12 years of friendship. We have been through so many ups and downs together. Seeing Mel with a baby bump and married to her long-time college boyfriend was surreal. Keep in mind, this is the same one we stuffed our faces with wine, hostess snack cakes and Gatties pizza to swear off forever until she realized he was the ONE. 🙂

Thinking about us as parents made me realize the best is yet to come. Melanie and Josh, I simply cannot wait to meet your precious baby girl. I look forward to the days where our babies [and dogs] all get to play together while we sit back and a realize we are [like] actually adults now! Ha. I love you guys!

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  1. Cindy Justus says:

    What a beautiful photo shoot for so many reasons. Melanie the light within shows so clearly in your beautiful face I am so excited for you and Josh. These pictures are stunning!

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