There is no greater joy in my business than loving and serving my clients well. Photography is about more than just your photographs!  It's about having a fun, comfortable environment where we can create genuine, joyful images that you and your family will cherish forever . 

I help coach your family into posing that feels natural and unscripted, all while flattering each individual body.  This personalized approach helps everyone look their best while allowing unique personalities and special connections to shine through in every picture. 


-Karl lagerfeld

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever.  Impossible to reproduce.”

If only I could get the hours of my life back (and $$$) I spent searching and searching for JUST the right dress for pictures.  I always found myself scouring the internet, social media, and local stores to find something that not only fit but that made me feel beautiful and looked great in pictures. Which is no easy task when...

1. You have a baby bump that grows bigger by the day (along with other parts of your body you would prefer didn't follow suit, am I right?!). 

2. Your postpartum body is rapidly changing once again.  Transitioning in a way that may not look or make you feel beautiful when you see yourself in the mirror. (but it is!)

3. Planning your family session means your outfit takes a backseat to finding the perfect ones for the kids!

Let me dress you for your session (for free)! I have over 40 gorgeous gowns handpicked by yours truly that are guaranteed to  save you time, money, and a little bit of your sanity.  



I love images that are clean, bright, true to color, and filled with gorgeous natural light.  I want your photos to look like real life only slightly better.  :) 

I strive to capture images that make you smile when you look at them. Images that can't help but make you feel beautiful and filled with gratitude for your precious family.

I focus on ensuring we get the perfect mix of lifestyle shots of you interacting with your loved ones while also making sure we get the coveted image of everyone looking at the camera and smiling.

I specialize in minimal distractions and simple set-ups.  I want your photos to be all about you and capturing the raw emotion of the occasion.  

If you are wanting timeless, intimate, beautiful images of your family, I think we would be a perfect fit!

Bright & Airy 

My photography style

I want moms to have images of themselves with their family where they look as incredible as I see them.  Especially during a season in their lives when they may not even feel seen at all, let alone incredible. 

As a mom it's easy to always put everyone else's needs before yourself. 

I'm even willing to bet that if you scrolled through you or your spouses iPhone photos you would find image after image of your kids with siblings, dad, grandparents, and even with the pets but you would be hard pressed to find any of YOU with them (unless its a selfie!).  

Let's change that!

Pregnancy & motherhood is beautiful, intimate and truly remarkable.

Let's create images together of your family that tell the story of your love for them. Images that you and your children will cherish for a lifetime. 

Documenting Motherhood

The heart behind my work



My heart is to serve, not to sell, which is why everything is included in your session fee. 


All hand-edited digital full-resolution images
Online Gallery
Print Release 
Access to client closet for mom

All-Inclusive Pricing



Investment BEGINs AT $750


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Lifestyle Newborn Session






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Maternity & Family Sessions






Budget friendly 30 minute studio sessions for
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Short & Sweet Studio Session


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Amanda Carter is hands-down the BEST photographer that I've ever worked with. She is very kind and funny, which puts the whole family at ease. And as a bonus she is wonderful with children!

When I look back at the photos that she's taken of us, it brings back such good memories of a fun day together with my family. 

I cannot recommend her enough!

"Amanda not only creates priceless images, but she creates priceless memories too."

Meghan B.


I thought I had a planned for everything when it came to having my little one. However, she had her own plan and that was to come at only 34 weeks, weighing 4 lbs 9 oz..

While I was sitting in the hospital I knew I would want to document it all and that’s where Amanda Carter Photography came in. I messaged her from my hospital bed inquiring about her services. She made it so EASY and got baby in within days of her NICU discharge. 

I would 100% recommend Amanda.

"Nothing would prepare me for the overwhelming rush of emotions seeing how perfectly Amanda captured our little one."

Danielle D.


From beginning to end Amanda was so thorough, easy to work with, and the best part, a beaming light. The outfits she had for me to try on for pictures, props, wraps, and all the bows for my daughter were just an added bonus! We spent 3 hours together and time passed quickly because we were having so much fun.

As a new mom, you can easily get a little squirmy watching someone else with your 9 day old baby. However, Amanda made me feel the opposite. My husband and I cannot wait for the upcoming years so we can do all the photo shoots as a family.

"Is it possible to be in love with your photographer, if so we TOTALLY are!"

Mikayla R.





Are we a match made in heaven?


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