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Twin Family Session | Studio | Plano TX Photographer | Cucchiara Family

The timing of this twin family session was so so sweet. If you have followed my story you know I cannot have children naturally. From the day we got that dreaded diagnosis and pursued medical intervention to get pregnant we knew twins were a very real reality for us in the future. In fact that as we were preparing for baby number one I intentionally bought items for him that were multiples friendly for our next pregnancy.

One week before the Cucchiara family shoot we did an FET (frozen embryo transfer). We transferred two embryos in hopes that 10 days later I would be pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, not only did we not end up with twins, we didn’t get pregnant at all. I found out the day before their family session. Part of me was sad. Dreading looking something I wanted so badly right in the face and realizing it may just not be in our future. But another part of me welcomed the distraction from all the tough emotions I was processing.

Twin Family Session- Joseph, Eliss, Jaxon & Jordan

Eliss, I am so thankful you hired me to take your family photos. I am even more thankful for the Lords timing that placed you in my studio the very same weekend we lost our twins. Jaxon’s ear to ear smiles & Jordan’s big eyes and unexpected cuddles filled up my heart just when I needed it the most.

I sincerely hope you love your images as much as I do!

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