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Find Adorable Clothing & Patterns at Collins + Conley in Dallas!

There are so many fun parts of being a parent, but one of my favorites is getting to find outfits that are perfect for my little ones! We’re kind of at the golden age of kids’ clothing. No matter your aesthetic, there’s a store out there to match. If you’re looking for a shop that carries themed clothing and adorable patterns, I’d love to tell you all about Collins + Conley. This quaint Fort Worth store is stocked with clothing your family will positively love!

About Collins + Conley

Collins + Conley is a family-owned shop that opened online in 2019 by best friends Ashley Watten and Sarah Leafgren. The store provided parents with a curated selection of clothing, toys, and gifts. The website took off, and in 2021, it opened its first storefront. The shop continues to keep family at the heart of it all. Ashley’s parents have played a vital role in the store, and they frequently show up to work shifts. On top of providing fabulous clothes, the store is passionate about creating a community of moms. You can visit them for group events that let you connect with others in a similar life-stage. You can check out their storefront at The Shops at Clearfork at 5254 Monahans Avenue. 

A young toddler sits in a pink dress playing paddy-cake with her older brother Collins+Conley


When it comes to kids’ clothing, Collins + Conley has one of the best selections in town! The store is stocked with clothing for kids ranging from newborn sizes up to 8y. They carry top brands, including Pink Chicken, Rylee + Cru, Lucky Jade, and Charlie Southern. They have adorable styles for every kid and every occasion. From ruffly plain dresses to football-themed sweatshirts, they have it all! 

The shop has a simply astonishing shoes and accessories selection. Their cowboy boots are perfect for Texas styles, while their bows and purses will complete any outfit. You can also find tons of gifts, such as Jellycat plushes and Mud Pie poppers.

A family of four sit on a white fur rug in a studio


Maybe one of the best things about Collins + Conley is their commitment to building up the community. Sometimes, parenthood can be extremely isolating, and they’re constantly working to transform this. They’ll host events such as board game days so you can get out and connect with others around you.

Over the holidays, the store goes all out! They stock their shelves with holiday-themed clothing so your child can have the perfect outfit. They also decorate the shop from top-to-bottom and host pop-ups so you can get in the Christmas spirit! 

A young toddler sits in a pink dress playing paddy-cake with her older brother Collins+Conley

Collins + Conley

If you’re looking for a marvelous shop for your child’s wardrobe, check out Collins + Conley. This adorable shop is full of wonderful clothing, fun toys, and fantastic events! 

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