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Get a Restful Night’s Sleep Tonight With a Night Nurse Dallas!

Let’s chat about sleep. If you have a newborn in the house, it’s probably the first thing on your mind and the last thing on your priorities list. While those early days are undoubtedly precious, losing out on sleep night after night can really damper the experience. Plus, sleeplessness can affect your decision-making and turn you into someone you don’t want to be. While the fatigue of the early days is a universal experience, there’s no shame in hiring a professional so you can be at your best! If you need a little bit of help with your baby’s rockstar lifestyle, I’d love to tell you about a night nurse in Dallas. 

Get The Help You Need With A Night Nurse in Dallas

Harmony Baby Concierge

Harmony Baby Concierge is a boutique service started by Alexis Courtney to help parents with every aspect of postpartum life. This agency has everything from doulas who will provide you with emotional support to newborn care specialists who offer custom education. Their night nannies will come over, handle all baby care, take care of some light housework, and make sure your baby is in great hands. The agency also provides sleep training consultations so you can continue to get rest even after your nanny is done. 

A new mother sits on a bed in a studio looking down at heer newborn baby in her lap

Gibson Newborn Services

Gibson Newborn Services was founded by Courtney Gibson to provide families with care they could trust. All the overnight newborn care specialists have been thoroughly screened and are experts when it comes to taking care of your sweet babe. The agency advises you to book your specialist 3-6 months in advance to guarantee service. They provide consultations regarding gentle sleep training and will work with you to create a routine that works for your family. 

Let Mommy Sleep

Let Mommy Sleep is a national chain that has perfected its process of matching a family with their ideal caregiver. The night nurses provide non-judgmental service so you can have the rest you need. If you’d prefer, the nurse will gently wake you when it’s time to feed your baby. They can also handle any bottles and will wash up afterward if you’d like to snooze the entire time. Who could blame you?! They work with multiple and provide additional services, including newborn education, lactation consultations, and sleep training assistance. 

A newborn baby sleeps on mom and dad's hands night nurse dallas

Newborn Nightingales

Newborn Nightingales started to get us Lonestar mamas some much-needed sleep! Because no one family is the same, they’ll work with you to create a package that meets your unique needs. They’ll feed your baby however you’d prefer, comfort them, change them, and work with them to encourage sleep for long stretches. In the morning, you’ll have a log of all nighttime activity so you know how to approach the brand-new day. 

Night Nurse Dallas

Whether you’re trying to stay sane for work or need some help dealing with a colicky baby, hiring a professional can be a real game-changer. By hiring a Dallas night nurse, you can have some blessed help so you can actually enjoy these early days! 

Once you’re feeling a little more rested, it might be time to start thinking about booking some pictures to celebrate. I positively love getting to support families, and I want to be there for you! Whether you’re wanting to take some maternity pics showing off your cute baby bump or need to get some one-year-old cake smash pictures, I’m your gal! Contact me today so we can chat some more and get your dream session planned.