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6 Dallas Placenta Encapsulation Locations to Preserve Your Birth

In recent years, more and more parents are turning to placenta encapsulation following their delivery. While it might seem like just another birthing trend, the benefits are very real! Many parents report decreased mood disorders, increased milk supply, and more energy to power them through all those late-night wake-ups. If you’ve been considering encapsulation for your delivery, it’s important to find a spot that will prioritize safety while completing the process. Here are some of the best spots in Dallas for placenta encapsulation. 

Six Highest-Rated Teams For Dallas Placenta Encapsulation

Dallas Placenta Encapsulation

Dallas Placenta Encapsulation offers several options for dehydration. You’ll be able to pick from the Traditional Chinese Method or the Simple Preparation completed without steam. Those who can’t quite decide have the ability to choose a half-and-half option. The company will secure your placenta for you following your delivery and will process it 24-72 hours afterward. Additionally, the company provides placenta salve, placenta prints, and cord keepsakes. 

Great Expectations Birth

Great Expectations Birth is a doula agency passionate about every aspect of your childbirth experience. The center is the only placenta encapsulation company inside the DFW area that provides medical couriers for pickup. They make safety their utmost concern and do not allow the placenta near children, pets, or other food prep. The company will deliver the capsules 2-3 days following your delivery. 

New parents smile down at their newborn baby while standing with foreheads together in front of a window

Dallas Birth

Dallas Birth is a group of birth professionals who provide placenta encapsulation on top of their standard services. The center uses food-safe methods for the process and only handles one placenta at a time. So you never have to worry about any mix-ups! All the professionals have been trained in Blood Pathogens and hold a Food Handlers’ Safety Card. 

Lovers Lane Birth Center

On top of providing a cozy space for your delivery, Lovers Lane Birth Center offers placenta encapsulation to their clients. The center uses an independent contractor trained in the Traditional Chinese Method. On top of the encapsulation, the center will work with you to create umbilical cord keepsakes. 

A new father cradles his newborn baby against his chest while standing in a studio Dallas Placenta Encapsulation

Little Lilacs

Little Lilacs is a Dallas center that provides doulas, bellybinding, and childbirth courses on top of their placenta encapsulation. The center uses the Traditional Chinese Method to provide you with capsules 48-72 hours following delivery. The center also offers placenta salves and tinctures. You’ll have the ability to bundle their services and create a custom package. 

Texas Placenta Service

Texas Placenta Service was started in 2016 with the sole purpose of helping moms use their placentas to have a happier start to parenthood. The center uses a meticulous process to present you with a safe option. They’ll take care of picking up your placenta and delivering the capsules so you can start feeling the benefits right away. 

New parents smile down at their newborn baby in dad's hands while sitting on a bed Dallas Placenta Encapsulation

Dallas Placenta Encapsulation

If you’re wondering what placenta encapsulation is all about, check out these Dallas Placenta Encapsulation spots. You’ll be able to chat with experts and hear all about the benefits! 

While you’re creating your birth plan, make sure to schedule some pictures! I’m a Dallas-based photographer as well as a mom myself. I know how exciting this season is, and I can’t wait to help you celebrate it! If you’ve been considering booking a session for your family, I’d love to chat so you can see if I’m the girl for you! Let’s get the conversation started today!