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Relieve Common Aches & Pains at a Prenatal Chiropractor Dallas

While pregnancy is such a priceless time, it can be a real pain. Literally. Your body is rapidly changing as your baby continues to grow. It’s thrilling to watch that bump transform, but when your little one is practicing their backflips right by your spine, it can really get tiring. Prenatal chiropractors provide natural help through their adjustments. These appointments will increase your body’s function while decreasing your back pain. Plus, they provide your baby with lots more room for gymnastics. If this sounds like something you desperately need, let me tell you where to find a prenatal chiropractor in Dallas

4 Prenatal Chiropractors in Dallas for A Comfortable Pregnancy 

Mother Me Chiropractic

Mother Me Chiropractic Studio is a family practice that loves helping Dallas residents feel their best! This adorable practice accepts prenatal patients, babies, and all other family members. 

You can start seeing Dr. Stephanie Berry before pregnancy starts so you can have a healthy beginning on your family’s journey. Once your baby is born, they can immediately see the chiropractor. In fact, Dr. Berry has seen patients on their very first day in this world! Check the office out at 4428 Main Street, St. 100.

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Café of Life Chiropractic

Café of Life Chiropractic is an airy office with three highly qualified chiropractors. The office specializes in prenatal and postpartum appointments. Their patients have reported decreased labor times, better sleep, and increased energy levels. 

The office accepts babies, children, and other family members. They also provide life-changing prenatal massages. You can get to feeling restored by visiting them at 5619 Alta Ave.

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Serving Life Chiropractic

Serving Life Chiropractic is a woman-run family practice that adores helping mamas have happier pregnancies. The office serves women starting before pregnancy even begins. They’ll provide you with adjustments that will give your baby the optimal environment to grow. 

Once your baby is born, you can visit them for a postpartum appointment and get your newborn adjusted. Big kids and grown-ups are always welcome to stop in, too! You can get an adjustment at 6565 Hillcrest Ave. Suite 255. 

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Uprise Chiropractic

Uprise Chiropractic has specialized in providing its patients with personalized care since its opening. The office believes in treating the whole being. They provide general chiropractic appointments as well as Webster-certified prenatal visits. 

No matter what kind of birth plan you have, they’ll make sure you feel prepared for labor! Once your baby is born, you can stop back for their gentle pediatric visits. They also provide functional/dry needling. You can find them at 2520 N Carroll Ave.

Prenatal Chiropractor Dallas

While backaches might be a natural side effect of pregnancy, you have the tools to make them disappear. With these prenatal chiropractors in Dallas, you can have a more comfortable pregnancy so you can focus on preparing for your baby’s arrival.

While working on your birth plan, don’t forget to schedule pictures! I’m a Dallas-based photographer and am absolutely wild about helping families celebrate their newest arrivals! These early years fly by, and I want to make sure you can have as many memories as possible. I provide maternity, newborn, and family portraits. If you’ve been thinking about scheduling some pictures to document your growing baby, let’s chat so you can decide if my process will be a good match for you. Contact me today to get the convo started!