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Experience the Midwifery Model of Care at the Frisco Birth Center

No one does parenthood the exact same way. Some of us have read all the parenting books and have the strictest schedules, while others make their decisions on the fly. Some like quiet life out in the middle of the country, and others like the chaos and the amenities of the city. And while some of us are totally content with a traditional hospital birth, others want to explore alternative options for their delivery. If you love the midwifery model of care and have wondered about birthing plans outside of the hospital, let me introduce you to the Frisco Birth Center. This cozy space is dedicated to creating an environment where you can take control of your delivery! 

A young toddler leans on mom's pregnant belly while standing in a studio

About the Frisco Birth Center

The Frisco Birth Center is a birthing space opened by Frisco Midwifery and Birth Services. The experienced midwives here give you the ability to deliver outside the hospital whether you’ve always dreamt of a home birth or prefer to go to a professional, unrushed center. The midwives offer a free consultation before you sign on for care so you can ensure the center is right for you. They limit how many clients they accept each month to 5-6 people. This way, they can make sure they’re giving you the undivided care you deserve. The birth center is located just one mile from Medical City Frisco. You can find it at 7258 Elm Street. 

A mom to be in a pink maternity gown leans againsst a wall in a studio after visiting Frisco Birth Center


The Frisco Birth Center is ready to be your place for prenatal care from the first appointments to the moments after labor. The practice provides regular prenatal appointments within their center. You’ll go there for all your lab work and receive a referral for your ultrasounds. The midwives believe in creating a relationship with their clients. Early on, they’ll start working with you on your birth plan and make sure you feel empowered to see it through. The center has 2 suites for delivery as well as tubs for waterbirth. Throughout your labor, you’ll be able to move around, lay down, and get through it however you need. After you give birth, they’ll make sure you and your baby are both on the road to recovery before letting you go home to rest and bond with your newborn. 

A mom to be stands in a pink maternity gown with her husband while their toddler runs around them after visiting Frisco Birth Center


The midwives at Frisco Birth Center want to make sure you can give birth where you feel most comfortable. If you don’t want to deal with all the preparation or prefer to be in a professional environment, their birth center is the perfect option. If you instead want to labor at home, they’ll support you and work with you to set up your space for delivery. They’re selective on who they’ll assist in a home birth to ensure your safety is a consistent priority, 

Frisco Birth Center

If you want to take control of your unmedicated delivery, check out the Frisco Birth Center. This midwife-run center is committed to giving you the birth experience that’s right for your family! 

While you’re building your ideal birth team, don’t forget about the photographer! I’m a Frisco photographer as well as a mama myself. I love to create dreamy, outdoor maternity sessions that make you feel like a total goddess. I would love to have a conversation with you and tell you more so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. So, let’s chat today!