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Gentle Beginnings Birth Center For Home-Like Comfort For Birth

Home births can be a meaningful experience. Not only do you have a cozy and quiet space for your delivery, but you also get to maintain control throughout. The only issue is that home births simply aren’t feasible for everyone who wants one. That’s where birth centers come along. These gorgeous spaces have been designed to feel like home without you having to worry about setup or space constraints. If you’ve been looking for a home-like atmosphere for your delivery, I would love to tell you all about Gentle Beginnings Birth Center. With compassionate experts and beautiful suites, you’ll have the perfect spot to finally meet your baby. 

About Gentle Beginnings Birth Center

1726 Chadwick Ct, Hurst, Texas 76054

Gentle Beginnings Birth Center was started to give women accessible and cost-effective solutions for their pregnancy. Their belief is that women should be able to call the shots when it comes to their delivery. Rather than treating labor like a health emergency, the center allows it to be a natural life process. Their unrushed method means you get to labor in the way that makes the most sense for your body. Should you need emergency services, you will still be near a hospital so they can ensure you have seamless care. The center features modern decor and warm rooms where you can relax and focus on your delivery. 

Happy expecting parents sit on a bed holding their sonogram with their golden retriever after visiting Gentle Beginnings Birth Center


With Gentle Beginnings Birth Center, you will receive nearly all your prenatal care within their building. You’ll have access to a long list of certified midwives so you can find the one that matches you the best. You’ll receive prenatal appointments at the same frequency as you’d have with a traditional OB-GYN. They can complete all lab work at the center. They can also perform ultrasounds if you’d like. During your appointments, they will answer all your questions and ensure you feel confident in your care. Plus, they will constantly educate you so you can be ready when labor begins. 

Once those contractions get going, you’ll contact your midwife and head to the center, where you will be placed in a suite. These rooms are spacious and provide you with large beds, birth tubs, and bathrooms. You will be able to move around as needed, and they can assist with unmedicated pain management. Once your baby is born, you’ll remain for a few hours and bond before being sent home to recover in your own space.  

Happy expecting parents lean in for a kiss while sitting on a bed holding a sonogram and pregnancy test before visiting Gentle Beginnings Birth Center


While the midwives mostly focus on birth center deliveries, you can speak to them regarding birth tub rentals for your home birth. In addition, they have access to helpful resources, including chiropractors and counseling. Whatever you need, they’ll find the right expert for you! 

A golden retriever lays next to a sonogram and pregnancy test on a bed

You Will The Experience Of Delivery At Gentle Beginnings Birth Center

By working with Gentle Beginnings Birth Center, you can have exceptional care through your pregnancy and labor. Check them out today so you can have control over your delivery. 

As you create your birth plan, make sure you’re thinking about pictures! I’m a Dallas photographer, and I adore partnering with parents to help them capture every detail of the precious newborn stage. As a mom myself, I know how hectic this time can feel, and I want to make sure you can make some gorgeous memories. Let’s have a conversation soon so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you.