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Dallas Baby Furniture Stores With Safe, Gorgeous Items

Decorating a nursery is one of the best parts of pregnancy. Not only do you get to buy some pretty adorable items, but you also get the chance to imagine your baby as you work. Are they going to love this mobile? Will they adore the art prints as much as you do? Which book will they find on the shelf that will be their favorite? While we can’t have all the answers, we can at least make sure we have a lovely, safe space for our little ones. If you’ve been looking for Dallas baby furniture stores to decorate your nursery, I’d love to give you a quick rundown of some of my favorites! 

4 Dallas Baby Furniture Stores to Create the Nursery of Your Dreams

A young girl leans over the crib to see her sleeping newborn sibling

Baby Bliss

Baby Bliss prides itself on carrying stylish, practical gear for babies. They sell toys, car seats, clothing, and some of the best furniture around. The shop carries classic styles and modern furniture, including clear cribs! 

Baby Bliss has plenty of convertible options to give you the most use. You’ll also be able to find matching dressers and changing tables, as well as sleek yet comfortable gliders. The shop sells bedding and blankets to complete your nursery.

Room & Board

Room & Board is a modern furniture store that is committed to sustainability. Their furniture is better for the planet and an absolute dream for your home. They sell beautiful cribs in every finish and mattresses and sheets made from natural materials. 

Their gliders are incredibly gorgeous and will make those late-night feedings a little more comfortable. The store has a vast kids’ selection, so you can keep coming back long after your little one isn’t so little anymore.

A mother and father stand over the white crib of their sleeping newborn baby in front of a window Dallas baby furniture stores

Silva Furniture

Silva Furniture understands that you want something that will last for years while keeping your kiddo safe. That’s why they take time to make products that will live up to their high standards. Each piece is made in Europe, and the cribs and beds are built with beechwood. 

Their other pieces are constructed with solid hardwood that will last despite various conditions, including high humidity. Their cribs are convertible to grow with your child, and their dressers are built with safety in mind. With Silva, you can have top-quality products without compromising on style!


If you’re the type of person who loves a theme, you need to check out Madre ASAP! This chic store has everything you need for a magical nursery. You’ll be able to find comfortable furniture in bold colors with fun designs. 

They have a great assortment of brilliant children’s bedding and dressers in every shade imaginable. The best thing about Madre is they have furniture for every age, meaning you can brighten up any room with their exciting designs.

Three siblings stand over and reach into the crib of their newborn baby sister Dallas baby furniture stores

Dallas Baby Furniture Stores

If you’re looking for a Dallas baby furniture store so you can be ready for your little one, check these shops out! With safe yet gorgeous items, your nursery will be the perfect place for your baby. 

Once you have your nursery set up, it’s time to schedule your newborn’s baby pictures! I’m a mom myself and know how quickly this time flies. I’m here to help you make it last! If you’re looking for a photographer to do a photo session of your newborn in their beautiful new nursery, I’d love to connect! Contact me today to find out more.