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The Best Dallas Daycare Options for Your Children

Having to choose a daycare can throw even the most level-headed parent into an anxiety spiral. Suddenly, you turn into a private investigator, trying to find out every little thing you could learn about your child’s potential school. If you’ve been trying to find the perfect daycare for your child but don’t have the time to turn the search into your full-time job, I would love to tell you about a few local options. No matter your family’s style, I’m positive there’s a Dallas daycare for you. 

A Guide to Choosing the Right Dallas Daycare

Munger Square Childcare

Munger Square Childcare is dedicated to providing full-time daycare that cares for your child in every way. The childcare center matches every child with their homeroom, where teachers introduce a curriculum that will indulge children’s natural sense of curiosity. Your child will supplement their time in the great rooms and outdoor play areas where they can participate in free play and other activities.

An infant girl smiles while sitting on a white bed in a studio with a bow headband

Hope Day School

Hope Day School is a childcare center located in the Cathedral of Hope campus. The center offers full-time care for children starting at the age of 6 weeks and ranging up to 5 years old. The curriculum is research-based, and the teachers prioritize discovery and experimentation. The school offers students a nature playground, allowing them to learn all about the world around them.

A mom and dad play with their infant daughter and todller son on a white bed in a studio after Dallas Daycare

Dallas Daycare Academy

Dallas Daycare Academy is a school that focuses on building students’ knowledge as well as their character. The school provides all-day care for children starting at six weeks through preschool. The teachers are bilingual and use a curriculum that utilizes both English and Spanish. Your child will also participate in extracurriculars, including soccer, yoga, music, dance, and gardening.

A toddler boy lays on a white rug smiling wide and wearing a white shirt

Swiss Learning Center

Swiss Learning Center provides all-day childcare for infants and toddlers. The curriculum within the school has been carefully developed for every age, and Spanish is incorporated throughout the lessons. The school uses Brightwheel to send daily updates directly to your phone. Swiss Learning Center is intentional about keeping a low student-to-teacher ratio, so there is a waiting list for every class. Regardless, this mindful school is worth it!

A mom in a white dress sits on a white bed holding her infant daughter in her arms in a colorful onesie after a Dallas Daycare

Dallas Day School

Dallas Day School is a center designed to help every student feel like they belong. The school offers full-day programs focusing on caring for your child’s every need. The curriculum teaches kids about math and science, Spanish, and literacy. The school has multiple outdoor playgrounds and ensures your child’s day includes plenty of playtime. 

Dallas Daycare

While searching might be stressful, I’m positive there’s the right daycare ready for your unique kiddo. Check out these Dallas daycares so you can feel confident with your childcare. 

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