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Discover Fabulous Things to Do in Dallas With Toddlers

When you have a toddler, you learn that a good routine is king. A set schedule keeps things running smoothly and lets your child know what to expect throughout the day. And while a solid schedule is a total life-saver, it can get a little boring after a while. One of my favorite ways to keep things feeling fresh is to work in regular family-friendly activities to make memories while breaking out of the norm. If you’re looking for some things to do in Dallas with toddlers, I’d love to let you in on my go-to destinations. 

6 Things to Do in Dallas With Toddlers for Unforgettable Childhood Memories

CAMP Dallas

CAMP Dallas is an immersive experience that lets your family hang out with your favorite Disney characters. The center lets you solve puzzles with Mickey, do a meet-and-greet with Bluey and Bingo Heeler, and make some Disney-themed crafts. Plus, they host parties, giving you an easy solution for your child’s next birthday! 

Crayola Experience

Crayola Experience is a colorful attraction that gives you several hands-on activities to do with your child. The center allows you to let out some creativity with crafts such as painting, clay modeling, and drip art. It incorporates technology to capture your child’s attention while still working their brains. If you get hungry, you can stop by the café for a sweet treat before exploring some more of these fun things to do in Dallas with toddlers.

A young girl in a brown dress smiles and plays while sitting in mom's lap in a field of tall grass at sunset Things to do in Dallas with Toddlers

Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art lets your child take in a bit of culture through engaging activities. The museum offers crafts and classes for the entire family. Their Toddler Tuesdays let your child make some thematic art while listening to stories and watching performances. They also offer art camps starting at the age of 4.

Kids Empire

You know those days when you just need to let your toddler run out some energy but don’t know where to go? The answer is Kids Empire! This massive playground lets your child explore mazes, complete climbing walls, and play around in the ball pit. The center features a designated Tots area so smaller visitors can explore without worrying about the older kids. 

a young girl puts in mom's lap as dad tries to cheer her up in a field of tall grasses at sunset during a fun Things to do in Dallas with Toddlers

Peppa Pig World

If your child enjoys the beloved cartoon, they’ll adore Peppa Pig World. This center features play areas designed after the Pigs’ World. While you’re there, your child can meet Peppa, listen to a story, and have some snacks at the Campervan Café. This is one of the best things to do in Dallas with toddlers!

The Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden

The Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden gives your family a fun way to get out in nature. The garden features play areas where your child can complete mazes, meet some plants, play in a sandbox, and learn about insects. You can also stop by for their regularly planned activities so your child can make new friends while discovering the world around them. 

A young toddler girl in a brown dress looks up at some trees while wandering a field of tall grass at sunset Things to do in Dallas with Toddlers

Things to Do in Dallas With Toddlers

If you’re looking for a way to shake up your schedule, check out these spots. With any of these things to do in Dallas with toddlers, you can have an unforgettable time with your little one while breaking out of the routine. 

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